[Refugee News] Health & Wellbeing: Vaccinations for Adult
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이미지: 문구: 'Refugee TO ASIA Health Well being VACCINATIONS FOR ADULT map SMC Health News Series ASTAPEACE AMSUNR 삼성서울병원 Vaccination? bod disease, Vaccination "vaccine" pathogenic introducing previously without (whihisa immunity Age-appropirate vaccinations (출처: 질병관리본부 propriate vaccinatio (source: Korean Society ofInfectious Diseases) 파상중,디프테이라,백일해 H8 medical specialist. epatitis Bare available the Vaccination precautions ofvaccination Iyoua decide unwell should seizure previously fever theda vaccine about vaccination, reactions doctor nd 시리즈는 제작하였습니다. MIGRATION ASIA (MAP)'