■What is Corona Blue?

Corona Blue is a neologism in which ‘COVID-19’and ‘blue’ meaning low mood are combined. It is a melancholy or a lethargy one can feel when their daily lives are drastically changed by the spread of COVID-19

■Why do we get Corona Blue?

  • Anxiety about infection 

One can suffer from sociophobia, insomnia, sense of isolation as they feel anxious and dangerous worrying about whether they would be exposed to the COVID-19 virus

  • Anxiety about economic damage

Many people’s daily lives, which they had taken for granted, have undergone grave changes. For example, an office worker starts working at home and their performance deteriorates; a self-employed person’s sales decreases; and a student studies online. These drastic changes might cause depression.

  • Anxiety due to indiscriminate information 

Due to numerous negative information about COVID-19 from TV News, newspaper, and the internet, many people feel anxiety. Negative information could aggravate the symptoms for those who already suffer from depression.

■What are the symptoms of Corona Blue?

  1. The symptoms of Corona Blue can be as following:
  2. Feeling more nervous, irritated, or angry than before
  3. Lowered ability to concentrate or remember
  4. Lethargy or lack of motivation
  5. Insomnia or lowered quality of sleep
  6. Feeling anxiety and fear
  7. Headache, dizziness, indigestion or palpitation
  • Even though the symptoms of Corona Blue are very similar to those of depression, it is rather a psychological symptom such as anxiety and fear followed by a social phenomenon than a medical illness. Therefore, Corona Blue is distinguished from typical depression.
  • While the melancholy of Corona Blue is the low mood that anyone can experience, depression shows a more severe degree of response than normal and is difficult to overcome by oneself. 
  • Nevertheless, we recommend you to meet a psychiatrist because Corona Blue can develop into depression as its symptoms, including hypothymia and insomnia, last for a long time.

■How do we overcome Corona Blue?

  • Anxiety is quite a natural emotion
    • You can avoid the danger of infection by keeping the personal hygiene recommendations
    • Extreme anxiety could give negative stress to our immunity by making us sensitive and exhausting our body and mind.
  • Getting accurate information
    • It is significant not to be blinded nor shaken by inaccurate rumors  if you want to protect yourself from Corona Blue.
    • Be careful of some information which is hardly verified.
  • Living a well-regulated life
    • It is important to wake up, eat, and exercise regularly.
    • If your biorhythms are messed up because of an irregular lifestyle, your melancholy can become severe.
  • Meeting online
    • You may not meet people due to ‘social distancing’, but you may still communicate and share time with others through phone calls or video calls.
  • Adapting to new environment
    • From time to time, think about what you need to do to adapt to a new environment since the prolonged situation of COVID-19 has changed our everyday lives.
  • Getting help from the people around you and experts
    • If you continue to feel anxious because of COVID-19, ask others for help. If your anxiety lasts for quite a long time, we recommend you meet a psychiatrist.


Q1. How can I distinguish Corona Blue from depression when I might have gotten depression before Corona Blue? 

A1. Corona Blue has similar symptoms with depression, but melancholy, a decline of motivation, insomnia from Corona Blue is usually not severe enough to seriously bother your everyday life. However, if it gets worse, it may develop into depression. We call it depression when the symptoms seriously bother you for over 2 weeks, and it is hard to recover. 

Q2. Can Corona Blue affect my physical health or the disease that I already have?

A2.  When your amount of physical activity decreases and you get easily irritated, you may manage your disease poorly, aggravating the chronic diseases. Commonly, you may gain weight, and it may be hard for you to control diabetes, blood pressure, etc. 

Q3. I have not been told to be in self-quarantine, and I am not the confirmed case. Still, can the symptoms of Corona Blue appear on me?

A3. Corona Blue is a symptom that anyone who is undergoing the corona era can experience. You can experience it more severely if you are told to be in self-quarantine or are a confirmed case. Yet, for those who did not catch COVID-19, fear and anxiety from worrying whether one would be infected by the virus can strongly affect Corona Blue.

Q4. What are the daily activities that make us vulnerable to Corona Blue?

A4. It is crucial to keep your original rhythms of life to prevent Corona Blue. Sleeping too late, having a late-night snack, or Lying down until late morning can make you feel blue. Also, staying only inside without being exposed to sunlight can make you feel down. Expressing your annoyance to others can bring conflict, and it may make you vulnerable to Corona Blue.

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