[Refugee news] Level 2 Social Distancing and Mandatory Mask Wearing
Since COVID-19 has been rapidly spread during the past few weeks, the Korean government has decided to apply Level 2 Social Distancing in the whole country, starting from August 23. This measure will continue for 2 weeks. In Level 2 Social Distancing, all the private and public gatherings, events, and exams where more than 50 people indoor, 100 people outdoor assemble are banned. Also, facilities with high infection risks (including club, karaoke, buffet, PC room, indoor gym)’s operations are suspended.
As prevention measures have been intensified, 13 local governments (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, Gwangju, and Daegu, etc.) out of 17 on the whole, have made wearing masks mandatory. Therefore, individuals have to wear masks both indoor and outdoor where many people gather, except in some inevitable situations, such as eating food. From October, when one offends this measure, fine under 3,000,000 won, and penalties under 100,000 won could be imposed. Finally, when the passenger uses public transportation including bus and subway, and taxi, one should wear a mask. If not, the passenger is refused to ride them.
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