Emergency Disaster Relief Funds for Refugees Living in Seoul
First, check whether you or your household* are eligible.
– The head in your family has G-1 or F-2?
– The head in your family has the address in Seoul for over 90days?
Next, check the members of your household.
– Members of the family and members of the household are different. By the household members, it means family members under company health insurance OR family members in the certificate of foreign resident registration(local health insurance).
Next, add all incomes of the members of your household.
– For a two-person household, when the total income is below 2,991,980won, this household can apply for the relief fund.
How to apply?
– There are online and offline applications. Online application begins early from 9am, Monday, August 31 on the website http://fds.seoul.go.kr (*it is not open yet). Application by visiting a government office starts on 14 September. Online and offline applications both finish on 25 September.
– Also, do you remember the public mask distribution system? You could buy masks on a certain day according to your birth year. Here the same method applies, so check your day.
What to prepare for the application?
– Health insurance registration certificate(*You can get this from the health insurance office. ☏ 033-811-2000, ☏1577-1000)
– Certificate of foreign resident registration(외국인주민등록사실증명증) (*You can get this from the immigration office or the local community center.)
– Application form
– Agreement on the collection and use of personal data(*For online application, you can print this out from the application website. You must get signatures for all household members on this paper.)
When the result comes about the application?
– About two weeks from the application date
Will you get cash?
– No. A prepaid card that is valid until December 15 will be given to you, and importantly this card can ONLY be used in Seoul, Only offline in stores and restaurants.
Can G-1 apply for Emergency Disaster Relief Funds for Foreign Residents in Seoul?
Application period 2020.08.31. 09:00 ~ 2020.09.25. 17:00
Where – Gu office or http://fds.seoul.go.kr/
Here, we’re talking about refugees with G-1. There are 3 cases when we talk about Emergency Disaster Relief Fund from Seoul.
[Case I] Refugee Applicant with G-1 and employee health insurance
If you or your family members have employee health insurance, you are eligible for Emergency Disaster Relief Funds for Foreign Residents in Seoul.
Bring the ID and the certificate of alien registration(외국인등록 사실증명). You can get this from the community center or immigration.
You do not need to bring the health insurance card or certificate, the officer is able to check from the computerized system.
[Case 2] Refugee Applicant with G-1 but WITHOUT employee health insurance
You do not have local or employee health insurance, then the officer cannot check family members. So bring the certificate of alien registration(외국인등록 사실증명) that shows family members living together.
In addition, you should explain why you do not have health insurance (Say, no access to local insurance, no contract from the employer) and tell whether you have worked or had any arbeit(part-time job) since 2018. So, someone who has not worked at all for the last two years is not eligible; but if you have worked even for a short time between 2018 and now, you are eligible.
[Case 3] Refugee with Humanitarian Status(G-1)
You have local health insurance or employee health insurance. Your insurance tells information on family members and your contribution to the National Health Insurance. So just bring the ID and the certificate of alien registration(외국인등록 사실증명).
[Notice] You can also consider applying online on the website http://fds.seoul.go.kr/
English and Arabic guidelines are available. You can download application forms.
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