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Spouse of Refugee Status Holders Right to Work


If a refugee’s spouse or child receives an F-1 visa, specifically it is an F-1-16 visa. Their employment activities are subject to the procedures and standards for work permits for humanitarian status holders. In other words, you can get a job by receiving The Permit to Engage in Activities Not Covered by the Status of Sojourn.

  • You should bring the documents to the immigration office to request the permit (see figure below). Permission usually takes two weeks. If approved, a permit (sticker) will be issued and attached to the passport.
  • Basic principles – limited to elementary occupations. Professional jobs can be employed only if they meet the requirements of the law.
  • Permission criteria – can be extended by up to one year within the length of the stay.
  • Prepared documents – a copy of a business registration certificate, employment contract, passport, foreign residence card.
  • Fees – 120,000 won (referred to eligibility to fee waiver)
  • Caution – The start date of work on the employment contract should be two weeks after the date of visit to the immigration office because work can be started after obtaining permission.
  • Employment in Construction Industry: If listed as a construction business on the business registration certificate, foreign workers may be required to receive “Basic Occupational Safety and Health(OSH) Training for the Construction Industry”. The immigration office will review whether this training is necessary and then inform applicants of the result.


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