New measure! Level 4 Until July 25th

Since the reported case of COVID-19 infection per day in the Capital area(Seoul and Gyeonggi-do) has exceeded a thousand for three days in a row, the social distancing measurement phase has turned into LEVEL-4.

<Private gatherings>

Private gatherings of more than four people are banned. After 6 p.m., gatherings are limited to two people, even for fully vaccinated. Families that live within the same space are not subject to such restrictions.The four-person cap does not apply to gathering at a family’s death bed or when taking care of children, the elderly and the disabled.All rallies are banned except for single-person demonstrations.

Single Person Rally Only

<Sport Facilities>

A maximum of TWO HOURS is allowed per person at indoor sports facilities. Treadmill speed must be

kept under 6 kilometers per hour at gyms.Music played in group exercise classes, such as aerobics, cycling and Zumba must be under 120 beats per minute.All sports facilities will close at 10 p.m.

<Multi Use Facilities>

All multi use facilities must close after 10 p.m.

Regular concerts and performances can continue under existing social distancing guidelines, while one-time or special events are banned. Eating and drinking are prohibited at both movie theaters and concert halls.Nightclubs, bars and other entertainment facilities will shut down.Hotels and accommodations can operate up to two-thirds of its full capacity. Parties and events are not allowed indoors.

<Companies, business facilities>

Businesses, except for those in the manufacturing industry, are recommended to let 30 percent of its staff work from home. Employees are asked to stagger commute and work schedules.

<Schools and Educational Facilities>

Classes will shift online starting July 14.Private academies will be closed after 10 p.m., and can only allow one person per 8 square meters.


Weddings and funerals are strictly limited to immediate family members and relatives, with a maximum of 49 people.

Sports events will run without spectators.Religious events will be moved online.

For CONSULTATION on Social Distancing Measure; Call

Community Health Center,Center Disease Control and Prevention At 1339,Immigration Contact Center for

Consultation at (Area Code) + 1345


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