We are looking for Refugee Human Books!!!
If you’re a refugee who is living in Korea and wants to change people’s perspective of refugees, join us!
If you know any refugees who are living in Korea, please share this announcement with them!
link for application form: https://forms.gle/wicvkiQpfVj8su9M8
Challenge stereotypes through respectful conversation with others.

Who are we?

Migration to Asia Peace (MAP) is an NGO that supports refugee rights by supporting refugees to restore lives, families, and communities and promote refugee participation to raise public awareness.
In 2019, the MAP has extended its peace project ‘Human Library’. With 13 refugee Human Books from 10 different countries and 19 volunteer interpreters, this project has been the most successful project to promote refugee rights and diversity in Korean society since it has reached more than 800 readers across the country.
This year, we’re looking forward to continuing the project, aiming to spread a better understanding of refugees in Korean society. If you are a refugee in South Korea and want to be a part of this project, please apply to be a Human Book here.

What is Human Book?

A Human Book is a person who has volunteered to challenge prejudice through respectful conversation with members of the public who borrow them. They will have a book title that relates to their experience in Korea or in their home country.

What is Human Library?

Human Library is a conversational event, where people act as books with titles like Refugee, Muslim, War survivor, Freedom fighter, Revolutionist, etc. Essentially, people become a library of human beings! Human Books are checked out by patrons who want to have a conversation. Ultimately, the event hopes to challenge societal prejudices and to bring a better understanding of community to refugees. Human Library aims to establish a safe conversational space, where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and hopefully answered by the Human Book on loan.
Conversations are offered to a duration of thirty or forty minutes and are not just a storytelling session, but rather an experience sharing with Q&A encouraged. The outcome of the session and the direction of the talk are dependent on what the readers ask about.
Voluntary interpreters will accompany Human Books if the need arises.
For more information please contact Migration to Asia Peace (MAP)
Tel. 02-2038-0231 (Korean, English, Arabic)
E-mail: diversity@mapcast.org


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