• Cold Wave Advisory
  1. When the expected lowest morning temperature has dropped more than 10℃ compared to the day before resulting in temperatures below 3℃ in general, staying 3℃ lower than normal temperatures.  
  1. When the temperature below –12℃ is expected to last more than 2 days.
  • Cold Wave Warning
  1. When the expected lowest morning temperature has dropped more than 15℃ compared to the day before, resulting in temperatures below 3℃ in general, staying 3℃ lower than normal temperatures. 
  2. When the temperatures below –15℃ is expected to last more than 2 days.
  • Recommended indoor temperature during winter is 18C~21℃


Prevention guidelines for pipes and boilers from freezing and bursting:

During winters, frozen pipes and boilers can easily result in bursting. You should follow the guidelines below to properly prevent damage.

  • Frequently check the Weather Forecast: Please refer to the Korean Meteorological Administration’s ‘freeze and burst’ forecast from December, January, February.
              Average Temperature: lower than -5°C                 Freeze and Burst Advisory
              Lowest Temperature range: -10°C ~ -15°C                 Alert
              Lowest Temperature range: lower than -15°C                  Severe
  • When leaving your home, do not turn off the boiler but instead please press ‘on-hold’ button. Cover exposed boiler pipes with fabrics, old clothing, or Styrofoam and use tapes to cover the cracks in between.
  • Prevent Washing Machines from freeze and burst.
    • Keep washing machines warm by covering them with blankets.
    • Keep drainage pipes of the washing machines dry in advance. 
    • In the case of drum washing machines, it is also advised to separate water supply pipes from the source.
  • In cases of prolonged vacancy, adjust the tap just enough so that the water runs in small amount. Place old clothes, towel, and styrofoam inside the water meter cage to keep it warm.
  • It is also advised to wrap freeze-preventing heat wires around water and boiler pipes. BUT, please be cautious when wrapping the heat wires, because dense wrappings or using both heat wires and heat reserving materials could result in fire.

What to do when freezing and bursting happens

  1. It is advised to melt the frozen pipes slowly using warm towels. There is a possibility of malfunction if water pipes or water meters are melted down with hot water. Therefore please use hair/blow dryers or warm water ranging from 50~60C.
  1. If the pipes have already burst and is causing damage, please call Seoul Metropolitan ‘Dasan call center’ by pressing <120> on your phone to call for help. You can also call district water supply offices for help. Their numbers are:

District water supply offices number

office areas district Phone # for daytime Phone # for night time
Central Jongro,Junggu,Yongsan,Sung Buk 3146-2023~32 3146-2290~3
Eastern Sung Dong,Gwangjin,Jungrang,Dongdaemun 3146-2624~35 3146-2890~3
Northern Gangbuk,Dobong,Nowon 3146-3223~32 3146-3490~3
Western Eunpyung,Seodaemun,Mapo 3146-3526~37 3146-3790~3
River West Yangchun,Gangsuh,Guro 3146-3824~34 3146-4090~3
Southern Dong Jak,Gwan Ak,Youngdeungpo,Geumchun 3146-4421~32 3146-4690~3
River South Gangnam, Seocho 3146-4724~32 3146-4990~3
River East Songpa, Gangdong 3146-5022~32 3146-5290~3
  1. Bursting pipes can cause major property damage. Please inform your landlord if you are renting the house.

How to save money on utility fees with boilers.

  1. Adjust the boiler setting according to your home.

e.g. If you:

  • Sleep on beds with no outside wind-> indoor heating. 
  • Indoor temperature control is nearby the window -> ondol, Korean floor heating system (Heating from the floor)
  1. Hot water uses up more gas than heating. Therefore it is advised to use hot water in single&long durations rather than multiple&short usages. 
  2. In cases of leaving your house for shorter than 6 hours, it is good to set your boiler to ‘on-hold’ mode. (If you do not find the above mode, set the indoor temperature around 16℃) 
    • In cases of all-day vacancies, please turn off the boiler.
  3. The best tip on saving your money on heating costs during winter times is to maintain the indoor temperature within the recommended range of 18℃~21℃. 
  4. It is also recommended to clean boilers at least once every six months up to 12 months because accumulated dust inside old boilers result in reduced heating efficiency


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